Back from CITCON 08

A few weeks ago I went to CITCON (the Continuous Integration Conference Europe 2008) in Amsterdam.

The Venue

The Venue (IBM Amsterdam)

It was my first Open Space Conference and I think many others will follow. If you have never tried one, you should probably look for the next barcamp in your city.

Proposing a subject

Proposing a subject

Even if CI is the main purpose of the conference, only few sessions were exclusively targeted to CI and CI tools.
Of course, there was a « CI servers » session, 7 servers were presented: CruiseControl, build-o-matic, Hudson, JetBrains TeamCity, Rational BuildForge, Zutubi Pulse2, Cruise.   But many sessions were devoted to agile methodologies and how it could help/enable the CI process.
To mention few of them: Selling Automated Acceptance Testing, Automated Regression Testing, Release Management and Automating Deployement, a Coding Dojo, and the most contreversial Is Scrum Evil? (a follow-up of this discussion by Eric Lefevre).

Globally I enjoyed participating in those discussions and gathering feedback on CI usage (especially during the informal discussions before and after the conference).

If you want to know more about the conference, don’t miss the CITCON wiki:

The final Planning

The Final Planning

And see you at CITCON Europe 09!